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Business English® offers a new elective course in IELTS® Training which can be taken in four stages of 48 hours each.

Business English® IELTS Course will include incrementally demanding materials on all four skills, cycling hourly according to your individual needs and levels of achievement. Regular testing of each skill and honest feedback is an integral part of the course. All our teachers are qualified, experienced and professional native speakers.

Business English® offers both General IELTS and IELTS for academic purposes; you can see the details below :

IELTS General

This test is designed for people who want to get a visa to work and live in the UK or Canada. It contains three reading sections: Section one shows two examples of advertorial information and asks factual questions. Section two contains two short passages of educational information and expects you to identify key features. Section three is a longer passage of human interest and you will have to answer more detailed comprehension questions.

The listening and speaking parts are the same as in the academic test; see below. The writing section of the General IELTS contains two tasks. Task one is a letter, usually complaining about a problem or asking for information on any number of everyday situations. Task two is an essay on a typical issue that concerns most people. It is scored on the same criteria as the academic essay.

IELTS Academic

The Academic IELTS test is accepted by most Universities in Turkey, USA, UK and other English speaking countries. As stated above, the listening and speaking sections always have the same format: There are four listening passages, the first three of which have a pause in the middle, and you have to answer a variety of different question types, including filling in a table with missing information, True or False questions, and multiple choice questions.

The Speaking Test is always a live interview with two examiners, one of whom asks all the questions. You should not talk to the assessor (except for greetings).

The Writing Section consists of two tasks: Task 1 is a data response report. You may have to interpret data in the form of a table, a graph, a pie chart or a process diagram. You should spend 15 to 20 minutes on this task and produce two or three concise paragraphs (200-250 words). Task 2 is an essay of 250-300 words. You will have 40 minutes to write it.

Performance criteria will be transparent throughout the course. Teachers are there to help you reach your maximum potential. Ultimately it is up to you!

IELTS Stage 1

48 hours Basic Preparation

In this part of the course, you will study all the essential skills you need to cope with IELTS. You should have successfully studied English up to the end of at least Intermediate level. A previous IELTS score of at least 5 or Intermediate Final Score of 60% is advised before beginning this course.

IELTS Stage 2

48 hours Basic Preparation

In Business English®, you will develop those skills learned from stage 1 and practice new techniques for improving your test score. A previous IELTS score of at least 5.5 is advised before beginning this part of the course.

IELTS Stage 3

48 hours Basic Preparation

You will refine those skills you already have from previous stages or upper-level study of English. A previous IELTS score of at least 6 is advised before beginning this part of the course.It will take a lot of hard work to reach 6.5

IELTS Stage 4

48 hours Basic Preparation

In the final stage of this course, You will master the skills previously learnt and achieve your maximum score potential. Those who join at this stage are advised to have a previous score of at least 6.5. You can expect to increase your score to a 7 or an 8 in some skills.


Business English®, beklentilerinizin ve zamanın sizin için öneminin farkındadır! Kurumsal İngilizce eğitim İhtiyaçlarınızı tam, zamanında ve en etkili şekilde karşılamanızı garantileyen size özel çözümlerimizle hemen tanışın.


Business English® iş İngilizcesi kursları ile kalabalık sınıflarda kaybolmaya son! 4 kişilik mini grup seçenekleri ve yetişkinlere özel etkileşimli eğitim metodları ile kariyerinizde daha hızlı adımlarla ilerlemeye hemen başlayın.


Business English® iş İngilizcesi özel ders programları ile kontrol sizde! Ana dili İngilizce yabancı öğretmenler ile kendi belirleyeceğiniz gün ve saat aralıklarında bire bir İngilizce özel ders almaya hemen başlayın.

  • 1 Introduction to IELTS format
    • 1.1 Choose General or Academic
    • 1.2 Take a placement test
    • 1.3 Learn the scoring system
    • 1.4 Learn how to cope with timing
    • 1.5 Improve your reading comprehension speed
  • 2 Reading Skills
    • 2.1 Planning your strategy
    • 2.2 Highlighting key information
    • 2.3 Identifying a summary paragraph
    • 2.4 Choosing the correct words for a gap-fill
    • 2.5 Answering True/False/Not Given Questions
    • 2.6 Answering Multiple Choice Questions
    • 2.7 Matching Categories
    • 2.8 Completing a diagram correctly
    • 2.9 Checking your answers
    • 2.10 Review of all reading skills
  • 3 Listening Skills
    • 3.1 Filling a table correctly
    • 3.2 Pre-reading the questions
    • 3.3 Spotting the traps
    • 3.4 Reading instructions carefully
    • 3.5 Identifying correct answers
    • 3.6 Filling gaps accurately
    • 3.7 Focusing on longer passages
    • 3.8 Anticipating key information
    • 3.9 Resisting distractions
    • 3.10 Review of all listening skills
  • 4 Speaking Skills
    • 4.1 Introductions
    • 4.2 Giving relevant answers
    • 4.3 Expanding on explanations
    • 4.4 Asking for clarification
    • 4.5 Interacting with the examiner
    • 4.6 Correcting yourself
    • 4.7 Asking questions
    • 4.8 Initiating discussion
    • 4.9 Using discourse markers
    • 4.10 Review of all speaking skills
  • 5 Writing Skills (Academic)
    • 5.1 Interpreting data in Task 1
    • 5.2 Comparing two graphs or pie charts
    • 5.3 Writing about a diagram or map
    • 5.4 Task 2: Breaking down an essay question
    • 5.5 Writing an outline and introduction to an essay
    • 5.6 Writing coherent topic sentences
    • 5.7 Developing clear reasons and examples
    • 5.8 Developing a counter-argument
    • 5.9 Coming to a reasonable conclusion
    • 5.10 Putting it all together
  • 6 General Writing Skills
    • 6.1 Understanding the question in Task 1
    • 6.2 Writing a professional letter
    • 6.3 Task 2: Breaking down an essay question
    • 6.4 Creating an outline
    • 6.5 Writing an introduction to an essay
    • 6.6 Writing coherent topic sentences
    • 6.7 Developing clear reasons and examples
    • 6.8 Developing a counter-argument
    • 6.9 Coming to a reasonable conclusion
    • 6.10 Putting it all together
  • 7 Testing
    • 7.1 Practice Test 1 (Mid-term)
    • 7.2 Practice Test 2 (Final)

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