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Business English® offers multi-level training in academic skills for professionals like you, who need to enhance their careers and remain competitive in a high technology environment

Business English® TOEFL course consists of four stages, each one more advanced than the last, and each one lasting 48 hours of tuition time. If you are a Post-Intermediate student, you should join the course from the beginning. If you have passed Upper-Intermediate, you should take a placement test to begin at stage 2. As an advanced student, you can join at stage 3 or 4 depending on your placement test score. Previous TOEFL scores are only valid if less than two years old.

Our TOEFL Course will include incrementally demanding materials on all four skills, cycling hourly according to your individual needs and levels of achievement. Regular testing of each skill and honest feedback is an integral part of the course. All our teachers are qualified, experienced and professional native speakers.

TOEFL is an academic skills test, not a grammar test. The course is not all fun and games, so please prepare yourself for some hard study. Performance criteria will be transparent throughout the course. Teachers are there to help you reach your maximum potential. Ultimately it is up to you!


Pazartesi - Salı - Perş
Cuma 10:00 / 13:00

(4 Hafta Toplam 48 Saat)
Yoğun Toefl Eğitimi

4 People 1.599 TL
8 People 1.199 TL
12 People 999 TL


Ctesi - Pazar
10:00 / 15:00

(6 Hafta Toplam 48 Saat)
Yoğun Toefl Eğitimi

4 People 1.699 TL
8 People 1.299 TL
12 People 999 TL


Ptesi - Çarş - Cuma
19:00 / 21:00

(8 Hafta Toplam 48 Saat)
Toefl Eğitimi

4 People 1.699 TL
8 People 1.299 TL
12 People 999 TL

TOEFL Stage 1

48 hours Basic Preparation

In this part of the course, you will study all the essential skills you need to cope with this test. You should have successfully studied English up to the end of at least Intermediate level. A previous TOEFL score of at least 60 or Intermediate Final Score of 80% is advised before beginning this course.

TOEFL Stage 2

48 hours Post-Intermediate Preparation

In Speak English, you will develop those skills learned from stage 1 and practice new techniques for improving your test score. A previous TOEFL score of at least 70 is advised before beginning this part of the course.

TOEFL Stage 3

48 hours Upper-Intermediate Preparation

You will refine those skills you already have from previous stages or upper-level study of English. A previous TOEFL score of at least 80 is advised before beginning this part of the course.

TOEFL Stage 4

48 hours Advanced Preparation

In the final stage of this course, you will master the skills previously learnt and achieve your maximum score potential. Those who join at this stage are advised to have a previous score of at least 90.


Business English®, beklentilerinizin ve zamanın sizin için öneminin farkındadır! Kurumsal İngilizce eğitim İhtiyaçlarınızı tam, zamanında ve en etkili şekilde karşılamanızı garantileyen size özel çözümlerimizle hemen tanışın.


Business English® iş İngilizcesi kursları ile kalabalık sınıflarda kaybolmaya son! 4 kişilik mini grup seçenekleri ve yetişkinlere özel etkileşimli eğitim metodları ile kariyerinizde daha hızlı adımlarla ilerlemeye hemen başlayın.


Business English® iş İngilizcesi özel ders programları ile kontrol sizde! Ana dili İngilizce yabancı öğretmenler ile kendi belirleyeceğiniz gün ve saat aralıklarında bire bir İngilizce özel ders almaya hemen başlayın.

  • 1 Introduction to TOEFL format
    • 1.1 Diagnostic Placement Test
    • 1.2 Vocabulary learning techniques
    • 1.3 Practice of basic comprehension in listening and reading
  • 2 Reading Skills
    • 2.1 Scanning for gist
    • 2.2 Skimming for details
    • 2.3 Referencing
    • 2.4 Eliminating wrong answers
    • 2.5 Negative choices
    • 2.6 Vocabulary questions
    • 2.7 Inference questions
    • 2.8 Drag & drop table summaries
    • 2.9 Multiple tables
    • 2.10 Review of Skills
  • 3 Listening skills
    • 3.1 Notetaking
    • 3.2 Interpreting data
    • 3.3 Selecting answers
    • 3.4 Eliminating choices
    • 3.5 Oral summaries
    • 3.6 Written summaries
    • 3.7 Differentiating facts
    • 3.8 Pinpointing key information
    • 3.9 Paraphrasing
    • 3.10 Review of Skills
  • 4 Speaking Skills
    • 4.1 Fluency in front of a microphone
    • 4.2 Pronunciation
    • 4.3 Longevity of response
    • 4.4 Relevancy of response
    • 4.5 Personalizing your response
    • 4.6 Scaffolding thoughts
    • 4.7 Articulation of ideas
    • 4.8 Aim for eloquence
    • 4.9 Timing your response
    • 4.10 Review of Skills
  • 5 Writing Skills
    • 5.1 Sentence construction
    • 5.2 Paragraph development
    • 5.3 Topic Sentences
    • 5.4 Building examples
    • 5.5 Adding reasons
    • 5.6 Concluding a paragraph
    • 5.7 Sequencing
    • 5.8 Layering
    • 5.9 Inserting an introduction
    • 5.10 Coming to a conclusion
  • 6 Testing
    • 6.1 Mini-test after each new set of skills
    • 6.2 Complete Tests after stages 3 and 4

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